Wearable AI patch created by Monash tracks several health indicators

Wearable AI patch created by Monash tracks several health indicators
It makes use of customised AI to monitor breathing, heart rate, touch, breathing motion, and speech.

Nanotechnology and AI have been integrated by engineering and IT researchers at Monash University to produce wearable equipment for remote health monitoring.

They developed an incredibly thin wearable patch that is worn around the neck to monitor breathing and heart rate, as well as voice, neck movement, and touch. Deep Hybrid-Spectro, a frequency/amplitude-based neural network that automatically analyses numerous biometrics from a single signal, is used to do this.


In a study, it was discovered that the wearable patch could decipher and track 11 human health signs with an accuracy of 93%. By identifying just five physiological activity related to the human neck, the researchers claim that this technology could transform the way remote treatment is provided.

According to main researcher and professor Wenlong Cheng of Monash University, “emerging soft electronics have the potential to serve as second-skin-like wearable patches for monitoring human health vitals, designing perception robotics, and bridging interactions between natural and [AI].”


A lab-in-a-patch, a comparable idea from Australia, is made for ongoing diagnostic monitoring. The wearable patch, created by Nutromics, uses DNA sensor technology to monitor numerous targets in the human body, such as illness biomarkers and difficult-to-dose medications.

Additionally, researchers at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology created a stretchable skin patch that is 2.4 times more sensitive than a fixed silicon sensor in picking up real-time heart rate signals.

An AI-powered ECG patch for heart monitoring is being developed by the Indian medtech startup Dozee, expanding its suite of remote monitoring services.

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