Predictions for the NBA Finals’ key stats: Nuggets vs. Heat

Examine the crucial statistics to be aware of before to Game 1 of the Nuggets-Heat NBA Finals on Thursday.

The NBA Finals in 2023 appear to be an offensive vs. defense contest. The Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets are two teams that, throughout the regular season, had different offensive and defensive rankings of 10 and 16 positions, respectively. In terms of game preparation, the Nuggets’ end of the court should undoubtedly be more intriguing.

But during the first three rounds of the playoffs, both of these teams have been ranked better on offense thanks to the Heat’s unheard-of increase in 3-point shooting (see below). The two top jump-shooting clubs in the playoffs are the only two teams left standing in this make-or-break league.

The Nuggets, who are constructed around an all-time great center and are the playoff leaders in points in the paint per game, ought to rely less on jump shots in the championship game. With constant movement and a player who can get to the foul line, the Heat will test the Denver defense. Expect a slow tempo since both of these teams will take their time scoring on offense.

Here are some statistical tidbits to help you prepare for The Finals, along with links to further your exploration. Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET, Game 1 will air on ABC.

Possessions per 48 minutes is the pace.
Points scored per 100 possessions (OffRtg)
Defense Rating = Points Per 100 Possessions
NetRtg is the point difference for per 100 possessions.

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